Commonly Asked Questions About A Slab Leak In Palm Desert CA

A busted water pipe underneath your concrete floor is known as a slab leak and the repairs must be made by a professional Slab Leak Palm Desert CA technician. Repairing the water line isn’t a difficult job, but getting to the line to make the repairs will take some work and time. Below are some commonly asked questions about slab leaks and repair.

Q.) What are the signs of a leak so that I can quickly contact a Slab Leak Palm Desert CA technician?

A.) Wet spots on your foundation floor or in your yard are the most obvious signs of a slab leak. If a hot water line is broken, you’ll feel warm spots on your basement floor when you’re not wearing shoes. Other signs include the sound of gushing water underneath the floor and a surprisingly high water bill.

Q.) What causes the water pipes to burst underneath the foundation?

A.) The most common reason for a slab leak is old, corroded pipes that are worn out. Other reasons may be from the soil putting pressure on the pipe or vibrations in the ground that have caused the pipe to rub against an abrasive material to form a hole.

Q.) How will a Slab Leak Palm Desert CA technician fix the leak?

A.) The first step is finding the location of the leak and the technician will use special electronic equipment to detect the leaking pipe. Next, the technician will use a jackhammer to bust the concrete floor so he can get to the pipe and inspect it. After he surveys the pipe and the damage, he will discuss your options to fix it. Depending on the condition and the age of the pipes, the Slab Leak Palm Desert CA technician may recommend replacing or rerouting the entire water line. If the entire pipe has some type of damage, this is your best option so that you won’t have more problems in the future. If the water line is in good condition, except for the leaky area, the technician can easily fix the damaged pipe.

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