Hackensack NJ Boiler: Common Gas Boiler Problems

A gas boiler is one of the most common household appliances. When well installed and maintained, a gas boiler will run for several years without any problems. However, just like all other appliances, even with proper maintenance, gas boilers do eventually succumb to wear and tear. This creates the necessity to know and troubleshoot problems with your Hackensack NJ Boiler.

There are several types of boilers available in the market. The types of problems and solutions you get will depend on the particular boiler type. Some of the troubleshooting tips that will be offered below can be applied on oil boilers, combination boilers and condensing boilers.

Gas heating problems

When your gas boiler has heating problems, the most probable cause is a fluctuation in the water level. When the water level goes above or below the recommended level, the gas heating process will be interfered with. This problem could also be a result of a change in the boilers atmosphere due to the presence of mineral deposits in the boiler. The solution to this problem lies in expelling the mineral deposits through the boiler’s flush system. The water level problem can be solved by simply making sure that the tridicator is showing the recommended temperature and pressure of your boiler.

Problems with the expansion tank

These problems are normally caused by insufficient air and overflowing water. To fix this problem, you need to first locate the expansion tank. In the lower boiler models, the tank is located in the attic. The expansion tank is located in the ceiling for newer versions of boilers. Once you have located the tank:

   Make sure that air is being carried properly in the expansion tank to avoid exceeding water pressure levels.

*    Check the temperature difference between the top and the bottom of the tank. The bottom should always be hotter than the top. If this is not the case, unplug the boiler and wait for the water to cool.

These are troubleshooting tips for a few boiler complications. To get the best maintenance and repair for your Hackensack NJ Boiler, you need the help of plumbing experts. Go to Ramapowholesalers.com for details about this.

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