Plumbing Contractors can Easily Clear a Clogged Drain in LaGrange, GA

by | Apr 24, 2020 | Plumbing


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When a person’s sink or shower starts draining slowly, they often run out to the hardware store to get a chemical drain cleaner. After a few days, they are even more frustrated, because the clogged drain has gotten worse. Eventually they call a professional plumber who has the tools to do the job. Homes can have a very complex plumbing system. It’s hard for a homeowner to know where the clog is located. A plumber can use a camera to find the clog and see what type of clog it is. The camera even has a sophisticated device on it that will send the precise map coordinates of the clog to a computer. Therefore the plumber will know exactly where it is located.

If the clogged drain is near the opening of the system, then the plumber may decide to use a mechanical claw to destroy the clog. However, if the clog is far away from the opening, then he will use hydro-jetting to clear the line. A strong rubber hose is attached to a high pressure nozzle. It forces water out at 5,000 psi. There are very few clogs that can withstand that type of pressure. Within minutes, a plumbing job that used to take hours is finished. The plumbing contractor serving in LaGrange, GA will check the line again with a camera to make sure that there are no remaining clogs in the system.

Homeowners may not realize that tree roots are one of the leading causes of clogged drains. Tree roots are attracted to the moist soil of septic fields. They may travel 10 or 20 feet and then enter a pipe. If this occurs the plumber can use a trenchless sewer pipe technique to repair the pipe. After hydro-jetting has cleaned the debris out of the drain, an epoxy coating is applied to the inside of the pipe. When it dries it creates a new pipe within the old pipe. The epoxy pipe is even stronger than the original pipe and tree roots will no longer be able to enter it. JS Plumbing Company is one of the plumbing companies serving in LaGrange, GA that perform clogged drain services. They will be happy to explain any of these techniques to interested homeowners.