What to Do When Your Toilet Will Not Flush in Pittsburgh, PA

Every homeowner will deal with a toilet clog at some point or another. The toilet clog could be one of many different problems. As soon as a homeowner notices that the toilet is flushing slow, or is not flushing at all, they will want to take steps to get plumbing services Pittsburgh, PA, as soon as possible.

Potential Causes for Toilet Clogs

There are several different things that can cause toilet clogs. These include:

• Items. Items like toys that have been flushed in the toilet can cause a toilet clog. Sanitary napkins and tampons can also create a problem.

• Toilet paper. While most toilet paper flushes just fine, when it is flushed down in large quantities, it can create a clog. This is usually easy to fix.

• Roots. If roots have grown into the septic tank, or the septic field, this can cause an issue with the drainage pipes. The toilet may not flush at all, or it will be very slow.

• Grease. Some people may think that it is ok to flush grease down the toilet. Once the grease solidifies in the lines, it creates a blockage.

Quick Treatment for Toilet Clogs

Prompt plumbing services Pittsburgh, PA should help to eliminate the clog. A homeowner can try to remove the clog themselves with a plunger, but more often than not, they will not be able to get the clog out. They will need the help of an experienced plumbing professional.

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