What’s Involved with Sewer Repair in Indianapolis IN

It can be difficult for a homeowner to figure out what is causing a sewer backup. The truth is, most people wouldn’t know if their problem was coming from a clogged drain, faulty septic tank or some other need for sewer repair in Indianapolis IN. Luckily, the team at Roby’s Plumbing Service has a way to get to the root of a sewer backup problem. Here is what is involved.

Analysis of the System

The sewer lines of a home can become clogged just like the drain pipes. This is what causes sewage to back up inside. It can be one toilet, a sink or tub that is giving a problem. However, if every flush creates sewage backup in the home, there is more than likely a blockage in the main sewer line of the home.

The professionals will begin with an analysis of the sewer system, they will try to “snake” the drain. However, in the most problematic systems where the mechanism is failing, they will employ the use of a camera to get to the heart of what’s causing the sewage or septic system backup. Then, if the system is really running poorly and extremely clogged, the camera won’t do the job either. This is when the plumber will discuss the possibility of using a hydro-jet for cleaning.

Next Steps

Once these options have all been exhausted, the plumber will have a good idea of what is causing the backup. These problems can range from old clay piping and tree root growth to septic tank problems or previously faulty repairs. In addition to this, many people experience issues with their sewer after the public utility works have been doing repairs and maintenance on the mains. While it is no fault of their own, the repairs must now be made. No matter what the result is after the diagnosis, rest assured that an experienced plumber will be ready and have a plan to fix the problem.

The best thing to do in this situation is to contact a plumber for sewer repair in Indianapolis IN. They will prescribe the most appropriate, safest and least expensive solution. Roby’s Plumbing is a family-owned company, and no job is too big or small. They offer free estimates on most repairs. They are considered experts and offer top of the line work. To get more information, contact us today.

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