When You Need Help From AC Service Providers

Sometimes it may be unclear when you need AC Service, but for the most part your air conditioner will let you know when it is time for repair. You might start noticing that the home no longer stays as cool as it once did, or you might experience a total AC breakdown in which the whole home is completely uncooled. It is very important to have your air conditioning repairs done by a contractor who is skilled in this area, someone who is a HVAC professional.

Most people who need to call for AC service help today are seeking help with their central air system. The central air conditioner is the most commonly used type of air conditioner today, and it is made up of two separate parts. Your air conditioner service person will need to have access to both of these system parts in order to evaluate your current AC issues, usually starting with the condenser unit. The condenser unit is typically a very large unit that is normally situated on a concrete slab outdoors. A condenser unit issue could potentially shut down the whole AC system, so it is important to not only repair it when needed but also to have it regularly maintained.

The other major component of the AC system is the evaporator coil. This is located inside, usually atop your furnace, and an evaporator coil problem can put your whole AC into failure. It may seem odd that an AC system component is placed with the furnace, but this actually demonstrates just how closely AC and heating systems are related in many cases today. Often, the air conditioner and the heater share the same motor and the ducts. This means that your HVAC professionals will typically be able to work on either your air conditioner or your heater.

Some HVAC professionals, like Hanna Heating Air Conditioning & Plumbing, work with not only air conditioners and heaters but also with plumbing systems. You will find that by choosing contractors who have experience in all three areas, you are able to have one “go to” provider for multiple repair needs. This is especially helpful since your heater and air conditioner may share the same system.


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