3 Signs That You Could Use a New Water Heater

Are you having trouble with your water heater? In many instances, some type of repair will take care of the problem. At other times, you need to consider the idea of a new water heater installation in Ennis TX area. Here are three signs that a new water heater may be in your future.

Your Heater is Over a Decade Old

On average, you can expect to get about ten years of service from a water heater. If yours happens to be older than a decade, it’s already living on borrowed time. Rather than spending money on repairs, now is a good time to think about investing in a new one. In the long run, a new heater will be more cost-effective.

The Water Isn’t Clear

Have you noticed that the hot water is a little clouded or discolored while your cold water is perfectly clear? The problem could be your aging water heater. As these devices age, it’s not unusual for rust to form inside the tank. The result is water that is not only a little discolored but also not really safe for use. In this scenario, you definitely want to consider the idea of arranging for a new water heater installation Ennis TX.

The Tank Leaks

Are you starting to notice tiny puddles around the base of the heater? That’s a good sign that the tank is not as sturdy as it was in the past. Expect the leaking to get worse as time goes on. Along with wasting water and increasing the utility bill, the leakage isn’t doing the floor under the heater any favors. The time for a new water heater installation Ennis TX is now.

When in doubt, call a professional and have the water heater checked. If the consensus is that repairing the unit will produce nothing more than short-term benefits, start looking at replacements. The plumber can help you select a unit that’s in compliance with local codes and make sure the installation is done properly.

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