5 Plumbing Issues That Would Warrant Drain Inspections In Indianapolis IN

by | Feb 12, 2018 | Plumbing


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There are pipes that run both inside and outside of the home. Since the homeowner is unable to see what is going on inside their pipes, regular drain inspections in Indianapolis IN are necessary. To perform a plumbing inspection, a long tube with a camera attached would be snaked down the drain to see what is happening inside the pipes. Many homeowners have their drains inspected as a precautionary measure. There are also specific circumstances that would warrant a drain inspection.

A Piece of Jewelry Dropped In the Drain

It is easy for a person to drop a beloved piece of jewelry down the drain such as an engagement ring or a wedding ring. When this happens, the camera would be snaked into the drain to determine where the jewelry is before it has a chance to move. This is the best way to retrieve the item.

Buying a New Home

Before a person buys a home, they will have it inspected. While home inspectors are very thorough, they usually inspect only the interior of the pipes. If the homeowner wants to know the true condition of the plumbing in the house that they are buying, they should have the drains inspected with a camera.

Remodeling the Home

It is not uncommon for unexpected issues to come up during a home remodel. When underlying areas of the home are exposed, hidden problems arise. If a homeowner is planning a kitchen or bathroom remodel, they should have their drains inspected first. This will let them know if there are any plumbing issues that will cut into the remodeling budget.

Unusually High Water Bills

If a homeowner notices that their water bills are unusually high, they should contact a plumber for a drain inspection. If the cause of the high water bills is a leak in one of the pipes, it will be discovered during the drain inspection.

Find the Cause of Serious Plumbing Issues

If a homeowner is having any plumbing issues, the best way to find the issue quickly is to have the drain inspected. It is the safest and least invasive way to find the root of the problem.

If a homeowner finds themselves in any of the situations listed above, they contact a plumber who performs drain inspections in Indianapolis IN. For more information, click here.