Considerations for the Winter After a Sump Pump Installation in Powell, OH

by | Sep 28, 2017 | Plumbing


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Sump Pump Installation in Powell OH prevents basements from flooding. Sometimes, homeowners want to avoid the costs involved and later wind up dealing with an inch or two of water in the basement during a severe storm or water seeping into the downstairs area from melting snow.

Icy Hose

Although the pump is useful in the winter for homes with exterior drainage issues, one potential problem with the equipment actually can cause flooding. That’s when the line running to the outside of the house ices up. Depending on the way the device lays on the ground, there always may be standing water in it, which can freeze during very cold weather.

Preventive Measures

The solution to this is simple enough, although somebody in the home must take responsibility for the task. After Sump Pump Installation in Powell OH, going outside and lifting the hose, so the water drains out prevents ice from forming. This could be done whenever a hard freeze is predicted.

Another option is to disconnect the hose extension before winter arrives. The water then shoots out directly from the short stub extending from the home’s exterior wall.

Potential Problems

If nobody disconnects the extension or drains the water out, and the sump pump runs during that exceptionally cold weather, the discharge cannot get past the ice. It stays in the pump well as the equipment continues trying to move it out. Water continues to drain into the well from outside can cause flooding.

Another potential problem in addition to basement flooding is the pump burning out from running continuously. This might happen if nobody is home when the issue develops.

Thawing the Hose

If the line does ice up and the pump runs while someone is home, that person can shut off the pump and thaw out the device with a bucket of hot water. Immersing the frozen area of the hose will gradually melt the ice. This is not the most pleasant project to work on. After pump installation by a company such as Amanda Plumbing Sewer & Drain, taking preventive measures is the best option during the winter months.