Emergency Plumber in Bothell, WA: Signs of Sewer Line Issues and What to Do

by | Jun 26, 2024 | Plumber


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Issues with your sewer line can happen out of nowhere. There’s no good way to keep an eye on your sewer lines other than annual inspections. A tree root intrusion, leak, blockages, corrosion, or ground shifting can cause a sewer issue, putting you at risk of sewage backups, health hazards, and foul odors. Here are the five steps you should take during a sewer line emergency, including when to call an emergency plumber in Bothell, WA.

Step One: Assess the Situation

There are a few signs you may need sewer line repair in Bothell, WA. Sewage backup, gross odors, slow drains, and random lush patches in your yard could point to a sewer line issue. If you notice one of these issues, stay calm and assess the scope of the problem.

Step Two: Turn Off Your Water

Turning off your water is necessary to prevent further damage to your home. Water damage can be costly to fix. You’ll want to shut off the main water supply to your home, not just the one next to the toilet.

Step Three: Call a Professional

You’ll need an emergency plumber in Bothell, WA, to deal with sewer line issues. They have the appropriate tools and knowledge to safely handle repairing your sewer line. Many plumbing services can also provide trenchless repairs that won’t tear up your entire front yard.

Step Four: Avoid Using Your Plumbing

Until the issue is resolved, you’ll want to avoid using your toilet, faucets, washer, or shower. Any appliance or fixture that uses water from your line should be avoided.

Step Five: Move Important Belongings

If you have important belongings, you’ll want to remove them from affected areas. Wear rubber shoes and shoes that are easily cleaned or thrown away. You may also want to poke a hole through a trash bag and wear it to protect your clothes.

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