Furnace Maintenance – Replace or Repair?

With the proper furnace care and furnace maintenance in Chicago, a heating system may last for years. However, manufacturers suggest that you replace a furnace every 15 – 20 years due to new furnaces being more reliable and providing energy savings which make them worth their cost. As you own an older furnace or a furnace which seems to require constant repairs, having knowledge of when it is a good time to purchase a replacement might save you money, as well as prevent unneeded stress. Below are some signs that you may have to get a new furnace:


Furnaces, on average, last around 15 – 20 years. If you own an older furnace which demands more repairs than normal, upgrading to a newer furnace is an excellent idea.


If the furnace poses a safety threat, replace it. One concern with a faulty heating system that uses natural gas is CO (carbon monoxide) poisoning. CO is an odorless, colorless gas; therefore, it is an excellent option to keep a CO detector close to your furnace and have an expert maintain your unit at least one time per year.

Warning indications of gas-associated issues with natural gas furnaces involve:

  • Pilot light which is yellow; it ought to be blue
  • Pilot light that flickers
  • Soot streaks that surround a furnace
  • Excessive moisture on the walls and windows that surround the furnace
  • Excess rust on flue pipes and appliance jacks

Costs of Repairs

A furnace which operates well shouldn’t require a repair more than one time each two years. If you own a furnace that is ten years or older, think about a replacement if the cost of repair is 10% of the cost of replacement. For instance, if a repair is more than $200 and a new one is $2,000, a replacement might be more cost-effective within the long-term.

If the furnace’s cost of repair is 50% of the cost to replace, purchase a new one, irrespective of the age of the present unit. Similarly, if you already have spent around 50% of the replacement cost within furnace repairs, a new one ultimately may be more cost-effective, particularly taking into consideration the increased energy efficiency savings and tax benefits you might receive.

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