Patching Things Up Until An Emergency Plumber Can Arrive

by | Apr 11, 2016 | Plumbing


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When a plumbing emergency happens, there really isn’t any guarantee that an Emergency Plumber will show up within the hour. In fact, it can be hours before a plumber can get to a call. People really don’t realize just how busy plumbers can be. Since emergencies might not be able to get handled right away, people should know how to keep things under control until help can arrive. This is why homeowners should have certain tools handy. At the very least, they should know what tools they might need to run to the hardware store to get when an emergency happens.

An Emergency Plumber might be needed because of a burst pipe. When pipe breaks, water can start pouring out. Stopping the water should be the main focus. Water can be controlled by locating the main valve and turning it off. In some instances, it’s just easier to cut off the local source of the water. People should learn where important valves are before they need to use them. Trying to find them when things are hectic can be hard. If the pipe is in an easy-to-reach place, a person might be able to replace it themselves. Pipes that are inside walls and other hidden areas are much harder to replace.

Clogs can cause emergencies that make people contact company and other plumbers. A clogged toilet can really make it hard for a household. Most people will have plungers in their homes, and clogs that don’t respond to plungers are usually considered emergencies. Some of the toilet clogs that don’t respond to plungers can easily be handled by toilet augers. These augers can be purchased at local hardware stores. Since augers aren’t expensive tools, they are well worth trying. If an auger can’t reach the clog, a plumber who deals with emergencies is the only other option.

People can get 24/7 from certain plumbers. As such, they shouldn’t panic when emergencies arise. They should just call around until they can find a plumber who can get out to them as soon as possible. Plumbers can also offer advice on what to do until they can come out to fix things. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.