Pros and cons of undermount kitchen sinks

Although there are many different sizes and configurations of kitchen sinks, there are only two methods of fixing one to the counter. The sink can be dropped in a prepare hole in the counter and rest on a flange which is all around the perimeter of the sink, the other type which are referred to as undermount kitchen sinks, these are designed to bolt to the underside of the countertop. The undermount sink provides marginally more available work space on the counter and they are definitely cleaner as no food stuff can get under the support rim and eventually begin to decay and harbor bacteria.

Undermount sinks are made of stainless steel, the same as rim type sinks. They are more suited to granite, granite composite, other types of stone and cast iron. As the edge of the hole that has been prepared for the sink must be finished, granite counter tops and a granite sink are favored. There is no need to finish the counter cut out with a drop in rim type sink as the edge is hidden by the sink.

Undermount kitchen sinks are often the sink of choice in restaurants and other food preparation areas. The sink is stainless steel as are the countertops; this combination provides the ultimate in hygiene.

Although stainless steel undermount sinks made from stainless steel are just as useable in the home as anywhere else, many homemakers find that they are quite noisy, especially when washing dishes and the original surface finish is soon marred which is not what the homemaker wants to see. Although these two issues may be considered as drawbacks, they do compliment the modern look of today’s kitchens which often have refrigerators, stoves and dishwashers with a stainless appearance.

Although a granite sink and granite countertop is ideal, they are costly and difficult to install. The material weighs quite a bit resulting in a more expensive cabinet carcass to support it. There are undermount kitchen sinks that are made from a composite material which comes close to duplicating the beauty of real stone but at a lesser cost and weight.

Many people swear by a cast iron undermount sink which is enamel coated. These sinks are impervious to heat as well as cold and food can be taken straight from the stove or oven and placed in the sink with no damage at all. As beautiful as an enamel coated cast iron sink is, it must be treated with care as it can chip if impacted.

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