Questions to Ask a Plumber During the Selection Process

by | Dec 1, 2015 | Plumbers


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Plumbing emergencies occur at any time. When water comes pouring out of a hot water heater or sewage begins overflowing the toilet, it may seem practical to call the first name in the phone book or hire the Plumber who can come out soonest. This isn’t the way to go about making the choice, however. The wrong selection can result in costly mistakes that take time to fix. Before hiring a professional of this type, individuals need to have the answers to certain questions.

What licensing and insurance do you have?

Licensed specialists have undergone training and passed an exam, thus they know how to fix a problem quickly and efficiently. They remain knowledgeable about changes to the building code and can pull permits when needed. Insurance protects the home or business owner in the event something does go wrong.

What is the fee for an estimate?

Many companies now provide an estimate at no charge, but some do still require compensation for their time and travel. Often, this depends on the work to be done. For example, emergency calls often come with a service fee, but remodeling projects may include a free estimate. Be sure to ask so there are no surprises.

Does the company specialize in a certain type of project?

Although they are trained to handle a wide variety of situations, some companies prefer to take on new build projects and others focus mainly on repairs. When an emergency arises, it’s nice to have someone who does this type of work regularly. This ensures the job is done quickly, of concern in those situations where water damage may be an issue.

How quickly will it take to respond?

A quick response time is essential in a plumbing emergency. The longer water is allowed to flow unimpeded in a home, the more structural damage that may be done. Prompt service is critical in this situation.

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