Selling a Home? Why Calling a Licensed Electrician in Orange County Matters

by | Aug 4, 2016 | Electrician


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After owning the property for a number of years, the time has come to look for something smaller and more manageable. Before the home is placed on the market, the owner would do well to make sure the place is as attractive to buyers as possible. One of the ways to boost the appeal is to have a Licensed Electrician in Orange County inspect the wiring and the rest of the electrical system. Here are some of the reasons why this is so important.

The Realtor Will Ask

Before the Realtor agrees to represent the owner and seek out potential buyers, there will be some questions that must be answered. One of those questions will have to do with the condition of the wiring. What type of repairs have been made over the years? Is the wiring in line with current codes? When was the system inspected last? If an Electrician in Orange County has recently checked everything from the wiring to the condition of the outlets in each room, the homeowner can present a detailed analysis of the system, its current condition, and confirmation that it’s in compliance with local codes and standards.

Potential Buyers Will Ask

Rest assured that anyone who is interested in the home will inquire about the condition of the electrical system. Instead of providing verbal assurances that all is well, think of how easy it will be to produce a copy of the detailed inspection conducted by the electrician. Those buyers can see for themselves that everything is in order, and that they will not have to spend a lot of money taking care of some electrical issue within weeks of buying and taking possession of the house.

There are a number of other reasons to have an electrician conduct a complete inspection of the electrical system prior to placing the home on the market. Talk with the team at Gerhard Electric today and learn more about what’s included in a residential inspection. Schedule a date for a professional to visit the home and conduct the inspection. Once the results are in hand, the homeowner will have one more resource that will make it easier to sell the house sooner rather than later.

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