Services for Plumbing in Jacksonville, FL Include Fixing Slab Leaks

If you have never experienced a slab leak in your home before, you may be in for quite a shock. That is because the leak can lead to costly damages. So, you need to know about this type of leak in order to handle the problem, should it ever occur.

Pipes Are Laid Inside Foundations to Save on Costs

When your home was built, the main pipes for your plumbing in Jacksonville, FL were probably set in the foundation. This is most often done to save on costs. If your home is around 1,500 square feet then, it should contain about 275 linear feet of pipe.

While you may think a concrete foundation would stymie a leak, this is not the case. Any pipes that are encased in the foundation are subject to corrosion. If the pipes corrode then, the process can trigger pinhole leaks to form. Also, as the house settles, the shifting places pressure on the pipes – all of which can lead to a major leak.

Are Your Water Bills Higher?

So, if you see wet areas or floor cracks then, you need to be on the alert for a slab leak and should call a Jacksonville plumbing specialist immediately. Contact a plumber as well if you can hear running water but cannot locate the source. If you have experienced a recent hike in your water bill, then you may have leak under the floor.

It helps to have your home inspected by a professional plumbing specialist, as most homes in Florida and the US lose as much as 15% of their water supply by leaks every year. Call a plumber if you suspect a leak, as he or she will be able to quickly isolate the issue using special testing and inspection equipment.

The expense of tearing up a home’s infrastructure can indeed be expensive. However, the plumbing company you contact may be able to offer a less invasive solution. Just make sure you have an inspection performed immediately. If you suspect a slab leak, time is of the essence. Don’t procrastinate, as the leak can cause a significant amount of damage.

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