Signs a Shower Replacement Needs to Take Place Soon

by | Sep 15, 2015 | Plumbing


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Most people do not think about their showers until some sort of major issue arises. The thing is that, like any element in the home, the shower and the plumbing in the area can wear out. Before that time comes, it pays to spend a little time evaluating options for a full Shower Replacement. Here are some points to keep in mind.

How Much Space is Available?

Take a moment and consider how much space can be set aside for the Shower Replacement. This goes beyond measuring the amount of room that the current shower consumes in the bathroom. Depending on the layout of the space, it may be possible to replace that older shower with something that is a little larger. Rather than having to take a shower in a cramped space, it would be much nicer to have a little room to move around.

Considering Different Materials

The current shower is a combination that includes a tub. Since no one in the home takes a tub bath anymore, what purpose does it serve? Think about how much easier it would be to step in and out of a shower stall instead. Consider the idea of replacing the current arrangement with a prefabricated acrylic stall. Doing so will give the bathroom and immediate update and also be much easier to clean than the tile currently gracing the space.

Adding Features

As long as the old shower is going away, why not think about investing in some new features? Consider how nice it would be to have a shower that comes with pulsating jets that gently massage the back or legs. Having some sort of permanent seating in the shower would also come in handy when the homeowner is ill or sustains an injury that makes it harder to remain standing for any amount of time.

To get more ideas on different shower designs, visit Carlson Bros Mechanical Contracting and arrange to have a contractor take a look at the bathroom. It will only take a little while to come up with a few suggestions and discuss the merits of each option. Once a selection is made, the team can rip out the old shower and have the new one in place in no time. You can also follow Carlson Bros Mechanical Contracting on Twitter.