Three Reasons You Need Drain Cleaning In San Francisco CA

Daily use of drains and toilets can lead to clogs and blockages that are hard to remove. When this occurs, individuals should contact an experienced Drain Cleaning San Francisco CA area professional as soon as they can. Individuals should read the information below to learn three things that will cause a clog, which requires the services of a plumber to clean the drains.

Grease Is Poured Down The Drain

When cooking, it may seem convenient to pour grease down the kitchen sink, but it’s actually doing a great deal of harm. Some people believe that running hot water while pouring the grease down the sink will prevent a blockage, but that just isn’t true. Grease and oil should never be poured down a sink as this can eventually cause the drain to clog. As the grease or oil goes down the drain, it settles on the drain pipes as it goes down. This causes a buildup, and eventually, it will drain slower and then it won’t drain at all.

Things Other Than Toilet Paper Was Flushed Down The Stool

Another common cause of drain blockages is flushing items down the stool that shouldn’t be flushed. Toilet tissue is made to be flushed down the toilet stool, but most everything else will cause the toilet to clog. A blockage that prevents the stool from flushing can turn into a mess, so individuals should contact a Drain Cleaning San Francisco CA area plumber as quickly as possible.

Hair Has Built Up In Bathtub and Shower Drains

When individuals take a shower or a bath, there’s always hair that makes its way down the bathtub drain. Once it goes down the drain, it wads up and eventually causes a large blockage. When this occurs, the water will first drain slowly, and then it will completely fail to go down the drain. Individuals should regularly clean the hair buildup out of the drains so it doesn’t cause them to clog.

Individuals in the San Francisco CA area who have a clog or other problems with their drains can contact the professionals at Advantage Plumbing SF. This experienced company provides exceptional service for clogged drains, sewer issues, and general plumbing problems. Visit their website at to learn more and to contact the company for a service or a free estimate.

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