Upgrading Your Portable Coffee Carts

If you currently have portable coffee carts or portable food carts and are thinking of expanding your company or upgrading your existing carts, moving to carts with hot and cold running water is a real step up.

One of the most important factors to keep in mind is requirements for safe food handling and safety. Each state has their own requirements, but most include specialized requirements based on the type of cart you are operating and if any food preparation is involved.

In most states, portable coffee carts and portable food carts are defined as a non-motorized vehicle that is self-propelled. However, they don’t have to be mobile in the strict sense of the word. You can have a service that is considered portable brought in on a separate trailer and then moved out again. These are more common at fairs, exhibitions and for seasons use in tourist areas or campground facilities.

Waste Water Disposal
If there is running water in the cart, a big factor to consider is the disposal of the used or gray water. Top portable carts for coffee service or food items and coffee may be designed to have self-contained catch compartments to store the gray water. This is a very good option and eliminates the need for drains, pipes and hoses that can cause liability issues.

All licensed food and coffee carts must meet all NSF International Standards for food carts. In addition, if there are any electrical requirements for the cart to run water heaters or water pumps, it must comply with the state electrical code where it is being operated.

Companies selling portable coffee carts and commercial food preparation carts will ensure their designs meet your state’s licensing requirements. It is always important to verify that with the company to make sure the cart you select will be legal and ready for immediate use without further modifications.

There will also be requirements for the specific sinks needed for washing dishes as well as washing hands before and after food preparation. Depending on your menu and the type of service you are providing this is a critical factor to review prior to buying.

It is also important to consider the color options and designs styles of these carts. There are different configurations possible, and some companies even provide the option to custom design your own cart, giving you the ultimate in making the cart specific to your needs.

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