All about Septic Tank Pumping in Eustis, FL

A septic tank is typically used on properties that do not have connections to main sewer systems. These are often homes that are located in rural areas. They function as a small waste containment unit where all water and any other waste that would typically be carried out by pipes is instead carried out to the unit to be broken down. The septic tank itself is largely responsible for breaking down solid material through the use of natural bacteria. Liquids are typically released back in to the soil surrounding the tank. Some solids, however, do not break down entirely, or at all, and this then requires the need for pumping the septic tank. The frequency with which this is done varies greatly upon the size of the tank, the sort of usage it gets, the sorts of solid materials that are present, whether the bacteria in the tank is working correctly, and so on.

When a tank becomes close to full, it will be in need of pumping. This is a fairly straightforward procedure, wherein a truck comes to remove the waste. It has a hose attached to it that is lowered in to a pipe on the septic tank and the removal process is begun. It simply removes everything from the tank until it’s empty. However, there are some things that better contractors for septic tank pumping will do besides just clearing out your tank. Many will also inspect the tank itself to ensure it is still in functional condition and will check the bacteria levels to determine if they are optimum or if they are lacking. In many cases they can be lacking due to various things that end up flushed out in to the tank, such as assorted chemical cleaners and medications. They will also check to see if foreign objects that aren’t considered flushable items are present in the tank. After all of this, they can then make recommendations on how to better take care of your septic tank.

When the pumping and any needed discussion is complete, the truck will drive away with the waste material stored safely inside. It is often then transported to a waste treatment plant where it is broken down by chemical means in to something that is no longer considered toxic or a biological hazard. In some very rare cases, septic tank pumping companies in Eustis, FL are allowed to dump the waste material in to approved landfills, but this practice is becoming highly regulated and discouraged. One other way that waste material is sometimes used is as fertilizer for commercial food sources, the idea being that good soil will act as a natural filter for any of the bad components present.

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