Broken Water Mains and What You Should Know

Broken water mains can cause irreversible water damage to your home and your belongings. Occasionally a water main becomes broken due to old age, but more commonly, mains become loose or cracked due to vibrations in the house. Remodeling work, an earthquake or shift in the foundation is enough to break water mains. Arlington, VA plumbing professionals understand the importance of finding quick and efficient solutions to your water main emergency.

Protect Your Family

Due to the immense amount of water that can potentially fill the rafters of your home, it’s important to remove your family members and pets from the home in case of a broken water main in Arlington, VA or any of your community area. Water can cause ceilings and floors to cave in, causing injury.

Shut Off the Water

In order to prevent extensive water damage you should turn off the main water valve in the home. If you have a small leak in a broken sink or toilet, the water can be easily shut off at the supply valve, typically located beneath the fixture. If you are unsure how to turn off your water, contact a plumber immediately so that he can turn off the main water supply to the house.

Remove Belongings

Minimize the amount of water damage to your home by removing your belongings in the affected area. Remove electronics, valuable artwork, furniture and other items that may be hard or impossible to replace. Store these items in an area that they will stay dry.

Contact a Plumber

Once you know that your family and valuables are safe, immediately contact a plumbers in Arlington, VA to take care of the problem. Many plumbing companies offer 24 hour services in case of emergencies, such as a broken water main. Do not leave a broken main for any amount of time as failure to turn off the water may cause injury and damage.

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