Enjoy a Reliable Supply of Heated Water With a Quality Electric Hot Water Heater in Sparks

Every home has the need for a reliable hot water system, even if it is only used for keeping things clean. Unfortunately, the service life of most water heating systems is rather limited, especially when the appliance is not properly maintained. There are a variety of water heating devices such as an inline or flash unit that heats water on demand or energy efficient systems that take advantage of solar energy when warming the H2O. An extremely popular appliance in many homes is the Electric Hot Water Heater in Sparks because an all electric home eliminates the need for access to a dangerous fuel source.

Electric systems tend to have very few components. The typical, tank based system consists of a storage tank that is wrapped in insulation and one or two electrodes inside the tank to heat the water. Each electrode should have its own thermostat that shuts off the power when the water reaches a specific temperature. These two items are the most common point of failure. In fact, the main reason that an electric hot water heater in Sparks fails is because one or both of the elements break. Breakage can occur when the electrode ages, but a more common reason is the buildup of mineral deposits. This results in hot spots on the element that tend to rupture.

Another fault that an electric water heater can develop is a short circuit inside the system. This can happen from scale in the tank or a damaged element. This particular failure can be dangerous because it results in a low voltage reaction that continuously heats the water. The problem is often noticed because of scalding water at a tap. However, manufacturers install a safety switch designed to shut off the power when the temperature inside the tank reaches a certain temperature. If this switch is tripping repeatedly, then a short could be the cause. Regular maintenance on the water heater can reduce the chance this particular. Flushing out the tank every year lowers mineral deposits and this reduces the possibility of scale buildup. Learn more about electric water heaters from the experts at Paschall Plumbing Heating Cooling.

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