HVAC Troubleshooting Tips

Having problems with your HVAC system(s)? Whether it’s your furnace, your air conditioning, or something happening with your ventilation, the sooner you have the problem addressed not only will you be assured that your equipment is in good working order, that you aren’t dealing with negatively impacted air quality in or excessively uncomfortable temperatures in your home, but also, by swiftly addressing any HVAC system problems, you’ll be sure that you aren’t wasting energy consumption and / or causing damage that could be costly to equipment.


A variety of things can go wrong with a heating system. Perhaps there’s a problem with a valve. Or, there could be issues with your thermostat. Hopefully you aren’t dealing with a gas leak, as this is a dangerous concern. You could be dealing with a blower problem, a pilot light problem. Are your filters past due for a replacement or cleaning? When was your last furnace tune-up? Some minor heating system problems can be eliminated with a good cleaning by a skilled professional.


Commonly reported problems related to ventilation include odors, noisy air vents, excessive dust, humidity problems (or excessive dryness), and poor air quality overall. Air duct cleaning, as part of your regular home maintenance, can be helpful and many people have their air ducts cleaned as a part of their annual spring cleaning.

If you have invested in an HVAC maintenance plan, this could be part of your service agreement.

Air Conditioning

Is your air conditioner not working well? Whether it’s too cold or not cool enough in your home, an air conditioner assessment might be needed. Filter changes on a regular basis can keep it in good working order and help you avoid odors. Perhaps there’s an issue with your air conditioner’s thermostat. There could be a problem with the compressor.

Repairs and Replacement of HVAC Equipment

Whether it’s time to replace your equipment or you simply need some repairs, it’s always best to call a professional. The professional will not only troubleshoot HVAC systems but will ensure work is done safely, as well.

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