Ensure Your Water Heater Works Properly With Water Heater Repair in Birmingham AL

Plumbing disasters come in all types ranging from simple leaks to serious clogs. In many cases you can fix these problems yourself if you have the right tools, materials and experience. However, some of the toughest plumbing problems require the help of an expert and Water Heater Repair in Birmingham AL can be one of them. Water heaters fail for different reasons and sometimes that failure depends on the type of heating system used. For instance, an electric water heater uses electrical resistance to generate heat. This heat is created using a heating element inside the tank. As this element ages it becomes prone to corrosion and eventually it will break. Repairing this particular problem requires removing the heating element and replacing it with a new one.

Another common failure with water heaters is the thermostat. This little device controls the heating of the water. Its primary purpose is to measure the temperature inside the tank and signal the system to turn off or on as required. In most cases it will fail to signal the system to activate, but in rare cases it can fail to signal the system to quit heating. This could be a real problem with gas based water heaters. With electric systems the element will eventually fail in these circumstances. The major downside to this type of problem is the extra utility fees you will incur.

Water heaters can fail for other reasons as well. The most common, non-mechanical cause of failure is a leaking tank. Leaks can occur at seams, around welds or at any of the various fittings in the tank. Water leaks from a broken water heater can cause a lot of problems because most people don’t see the leaks until it is too late. When the leak occurs in the tank itself there are few things you can do to repair the problem except replace the tank as quickly as possible. However, a leak around the tank may also be caused by a simple failure, that of the pressure relief valve leaking. This valve is designed to open in case of excess pressure inside the tank. If your home is in need of Water Heater Repair in Birmingham AL then click here to get help.

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