How you can replace your Water Line without Destroying your Front Yard

by | Jul 20, 2015 | Plumbing


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Your water line is what runs from your home to the city or county sewer system. In the past, if there was an issue with this line, the professionals would have to dig up your entire yard to find the problem area. Not only was this inefficient, but this could also result in hundreds of dollars of additional damage to your yard and property. However, thanks to modern technology, there are now ways in which professional technicians can replace your water line without destroying your front yard. You can learn more about this process here.

The primary way in which your water line is inspected today is visually. This is possible with a small camera that is sent into the pipe to find the damaged area. When the camera is used, the issue can be pinpointed, allowing the professional technicians to see exactly what and where the issue is. In some cases, the problem may be a collapsed pipe, while a tree limb may be the culprit in other situations. Finding the problem with a camera inspection is much more efficient than digging up the entire main water line.

Once the issue is pinpointed, the technician can go to that precise location in your yard and dig up the section of the pipe that is damaged. This means that the entire yard does not have to be dug up to find the issue. This can save you hours in work and hundreds of dollars in repair services. The good news is that these services are now considered standard, so you do not have to worry about your yard being torn up to fix a water line issue.

When you call professionals, you will receive upfront pricing without any surprise costs. This ensures that you get the repairs necessary and that you do not have to worry about additional issues or serious problems. When you utilize these services you will find that repairing the main line is easy and can be done quickly and efficiently, without serious issues arising.