Minor Adjustments Can Save Big Money when it Comes to Air Conditioning in Salem

Even if you think you have good air conditioning in Salem, you may be surprised to find that it’s not working as well as it seems. A perfectly-functional machine made as few as 10 years ago can be between 20-40% less efficient than one that was made today! If your electricity bills spike by an amazing amount every summer, you may want to contact a company like Heritage Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Electric to see if something can be done to cut those costs down to size.

The air conditioner itself isn’t always the problem when it comes to high power bills. Sometimes, the problem is actually in the duct work. If your current duct installation was improperly engineered, some of the cool air will be wasted and your A/C will have to work harder to make up for the deficiency. You will also be prone to setting the thermostat lower if your ducts are sending the coolness to areas where you can’t feel it well enough.

Sometimes, the air conditioner could use some help even if it has no specific problem. This is the case if it hasn’t been professionally maintained in years. During this maintenance, all of the moving parts are oiled, the coils are cleaned, the system pressure is checked, and other such services are performed. When such work is neglected, the air conditioner loses efficiency as it is forced to power parts that don’t move as well as they should and dirty coils that don’t release heat as well as they’re supposed to.

As this shows, you often don’t have to replace your air conditioner in order to increase your comfort or lower your power bills. Have an expert in air conditioning in Salem come out and take a look at your entire system. You may find that reworking some ducts and having the machine oiled up will turn your unevenly-cooled house into a wonderfully comfortable structure.

If it does turn out that replacing an old system is the best thing to do, you shouldn’t ignore other problems like poorly-designed duct systems. By combining new air conditioning in Salem with improvements in the ducts, you’ll save money over time.


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