The Occasional Need for Central AC Repair in Peoria AZ Is to Be Expected

With the brutally hot summers characteristic of the region, the occasional need for central AC Repair in Peoria AZ is to be expected. Up north, people are typically more concerned about whether they should cover the condenser when autumn arrives to keep falling leaves and snow out of it. There, they schedule the annual heating and cooling maintenance in fall to ready the furnace for winter. Southern Arizona residents are much more likely to have that cleaning and inspection done in springtime.

Little Reason to Cover the Unit

Even when a central air unit is not in use for a few months over the winter, there is little reason to cover it in a climate like that of Peoria. Homeowners may fret about organic debris falling into the equipment when it isn’t in use, but that can be avoided by placing a board over the top. The unit also will be cleaned out by the service technician at the maintenance appointment.


Technicians who do AC Repair in Peoria AZ report online that they respond to more service calls for units that were covered entirely during the winter than for those that were left in the open or simply covered on top with a sheet of plywood. Winter is the only time when humidity might rise above normal levels in this region, and that can cause moisture problems in a covered condenser. In addition, a covered central air unit is an invitation to mice that see the equipment as a place of shelter.

Saving Energy

When technicians from a company such as Arctic Fox Air Conditioning & Heating arrive to do repair work on the system, they can make upgrades during that appointment as well. For instance, they can install a variable-speed fan that saves energy. Instead of blowing at maximum speed whenever the unit is running, it blows air at a lower level to maintain temperature and at a higher speed to reduce temperature significantly. The customers also might ask the technicians at this time whether there are any additional steps they can take to lower their electric bills during the summer.

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