The Most Common Issues That Can Cause An Air Conditioner In Lebanon NJ To Malfunction

An air conditioner combats the heat and humidity associated with brutal hot weather and will keep the interior of a home comfortable despite what the conditions outside may be like. An AC system is composed of a variety of parts and machines, and though most last for years, there are times when issues can arise that cause the unit to stop functioning. A professional HVAC technician will be able to diagnose problems with an Air Conditioner in Lebanon NJ and have it repaired as quickly as possible.

Low Coolant Levels

An AC unit relies on the use of a liquid that becomes cold when it is compressed, and when the coolant levels become low, it can cause the compressor to stop producing cold air. A technician will have the tools to test the coolant levels and can refill them so that operation can be restored. If the problem reoccurs frequently, there may be an issue with the copper piping that transfers the coolant liquid, and it should be inspected to rule out any needed repairs.

Compressor Issues

The compressor is what activates the coolant liquid so that it can adequately cool air as it passes through the Air Conditioner in Lebanon NJ. The most common symptom associated with a malfunctioning compressor is the presence of a loud or unpleasant noise during operation. Be sure to have the unit inspected at the first sign of trouble, as some parts can be repaired and save money over the cost of a full compressor replacement.

Air Handling Unit Problems

The interior unit is what houses the central blower unit and the condenser coils that cool the air. If the coils become excessively dirty or clog, or the fan stops working, it can cause the fan blower to stop functioning. A certified technician will be able to clean out the air handler and make any needed repairs so the flow of air can be restored and full operation can resume.

Living without air conditioning can be brutal in many areas. The team at Schaible’s Plumbing and Heating offers complete HVAC services and can diagnose and correct any issues in as little as one day. Click here to learn more or call today and schedule an appointment to get any air conditioner working correctly.

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