Plumbing Repair in Midlothian TX – Has Your Pipe Burst?

One of the most common forms of plumbing repair in Midlothian TX is related to burst pipes. Typically, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) pipes, sewer pipes and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) pipes will be more likely to burst than any other kind of pipe but so long as you know the warning signs, you can get plumbing repair in Midlothian before it’s too late. When a pipe bursts it can severely affect the plumbing system and the installation is often to blame. However, if your pipes were installed by a professional you may require plumbing repair in Midlothian in winter, because the dip in temperature can cause the pipe to break unless insulation is adequate. To help you detect a burst pipe, here are the signs.

Expensive Water Bill

Before you discover any other signs that you require plumbing repair in Midlothian TX you will probably notice that your water bill is sky-high. There are two main reasons why your water bill may be higher than usual – you are using too much water or your pipe has burst. Essentially, these are both the same thing however if your pipe bursts you will be unaware that you are using more water than usual. Focus on your bills each month because if you ignore this, you could be avoiding a problem that is costing you money. If the bill shows that the price is higher but the water usage is average, your pipe has definitely burst.

Foul Odors

Foul odors can be hard to avoid and if the smell is coming from the cellar area, the chances are your pipe has burst. Always trace the smell because if foul odors are emitting from your sinks, this could be because of a blocked drainage system, which will require a different type of plumbing repair in Midlothian TX. If sewer water is leaking because of a burst pipe, your health will be at risk. The reason for this is because sewer water is plagued with germs and this means you need to get repair as quickly as possible.

Unusual Water Pressure

Whenever the water pressure is unusually low, you know that something is wrong. If a pipe bursts, a large portion of the water will escape through the hole in the pipe and this means that the water pressure will dwindle slightly, even when you put it on full blast. The typical water pressure amount is between 30 and 60 pounds per square inch so if it falls below this, call a professional.

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