Reasons to Hire a Plumbing Contractor in Houston, TX

There are many reasons to hire a plumber. Some of them are as simple as clogged sink drains, while others are as complex as installing an entirely new system of pipes. A good plumbing contracting company can handle all of the different types of pipe related work that comes its way. It will also be able to take care of emergencies.

Drain cleaning may sound pretty basic, but this isn’t always the case. Using a snake isn’t as easy as it seems -; someone without experience can have quite a bit of trouble getting the springy metal to turn around the bends in a drain. An even more nettlesome issue is clogs that aren’t in sink drains but instead are in the line leading to the sewer or septic system. In these cases, long, powered plumber’s snakes or other specialized equipment may be needed to clear the blockage.

Pipe repair is another reason to hire a plumbing contractor in Houston, TX. Fixing an underground line can be done in a number of ways. In some cases, a leaking underground pipe can be fixed without any need for digging. This is done by installing a liner into the pipe. At other times, the pipe will have to be dug up and replaced with a new section.

Installation of new piping is another thing that can be done by a plumbing contractor in Houston, TX. New pipes can be added as part of a larger project to put another bathroom into a house or building, expand a building, or to replace existing pipes. The existing pipes may need to be replaced if they’re corroded or made of an unacceptable substance like lead.

Plumbers can also install faucets, toilets, sinks, tubs and other fixtures. In commercial locations, they may also put in drinking fountains and other such equipment that is rarely found in a household. Having these things installed by a professional helps to ensure that the connections won’t leak and that all of the work is up to code. It’s also far easier than doing it yourself.

No matter what type of work you need done, if it involves water, a plumber will likely be able to do it. Give one a call the next time you experience a dripping faucet, a clogged drain, or want some new fixtures or pipes installed. Visit for more details.

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