Replacing Water Heaters In Germantown TN

After a long hard day, most of us want to jump in a relaxing, warm shower and head to bed. When you turn on the shower and only cold water comes out, it’s far from relaxing. You may head to where your water heater is located only to find a soggy carpet or a wet floor because your water heater is leaking. You’ll know that you have to contact a plumber that replaces water heaters in Germantown TN, as soon as possible.

Before the plumber comes to your home to look at the water heater, remove any items in the way. This is especially important if the unit is located in the master bedroom closet, laundry room or a crowded garage. Allowing the plumber clear access to the heater will allow him to work faster to get your hot water restored.

If the heater is leaking, it could be something as simple as a loose connection, which could be repaired, but if your unit is over 5 years old, chances are that it will need to be replaced. One common cause of older, leaking water heaters, is that the tank has corroded or rusted some on the bottom, causing it to stop working and leak water onto the floor. If the plumbing company determines that your water heater needs to be replaced, it will be able to supply you with a new heater, the proper size for your home. The newer the unit, the more energy efficient it should be. Installing the water heater will take close to three hours, so plan to spend the afternoon home while the heater is replaced.

Ask the plumber for an estimate in writing before he begins the job. Though a verbal agreement may be fine, just in case there is a misunderstanding, a written estimate is always wise for your protection. This is good practice for any work done around your home.

When you don’t have hot water, you miss it the most. Luckily, it’s usually a fairly quick repair to replace a hot water heater. Before you know it, the job will be complete and you’ll have hot water (and a hot shower) again.

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