Septic System Inspection in Doylestown, PA Makes Sure the Tank and Parts Are in Good Working Order

Many decades ago, even middle-class residents of Pennsylvania didn’t have indoor bathrooms or even any indoor plumbing. Such features were considered a luxury. Rural areas were some of the last places where residents brought indoor plumbing into the home. The sewage system was more complicated because they couldn’t hook up to a municipal waste water treatment system. Instead, they had to have a private sewage treatment system on their own property. This holds true today, which is why Septic System Inspection in Doylestown, PA technicians are still very busy doing work for homeowners who live in the country.

In a municipality, a flushed toilet sends the waste water through underground sewer pipes until the water reaches the treatment plant. That’s also where water from the washing machine, the dishwasher and the sinks goes. On a rural property, all of this waste water heads to a septic tank situated not far from the house. It may be above ground or underground. The tank filters liquid out to a drain field in the yard, and the other material either settles to the bottom or middle of the tank or floats on top.

Periodically, the tank needs to be flushed, or it will eventually fill up. After this project is complete, septic system inspection in Doylestown, PA technicians also get right inside the tank and evaluate its condition. They inspect the various parts, such as baffles and pipes, and make sure everything is in good working order. If tree roots are invading the system, the technicians add herbicide to the soil to kill those roots. Fortunately, this does not harm the tree.

Before the tank is even pumped, technicians from a service such as George Allen Wastewater Management may be able to see evidence of improper system usage after they open the lid. Tampons are floating on the surface, for instance, make it obvious that somebody in the house is flushing those devices. Septic tanks aren’t meant to hold items such as tampons and facial tissue, which people may feel more casual about flushing in a municipal system. Browse our website for more information on septic tank service.

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