Signs of Tree Roots in Plumbing: Plumbers in Great Falls, VA

Trees growing in a home’s front yard might increase curb appeal, but trees can actually cause extensive plumbing damage. All pipe materials, from clay to PVC, can crack over time, allowing roots to enter. These tree roots can eventually wreak havoc on plumbing systems, causing a number of potentially expensive issues. Here are a few signs that tree roots might be in your plumbing system.

Slow Draining or Toilet Issues

When running water, slow draining is a sign of obstruction in the pipes. Whether the obstruction is major or minor is for a plumber to decide. Plumbers in Great Falls, VA can send cameras down into a home’s main sewer pipe to check for tree roots. Another sign of a potential tree root issue is partially flushing toilets. In some cases, sewage may even back up in the lowest drain in the house, which is often the bathtub drain or the outdoor sewer cleanout.

Foul Odor

When plumbing pipes are obstructed, water has nowhere to go. Often times, it will back up in the lowest drain in the house. Sometimes, however, there is no obvious sign of a plumbing issue except for a foul odor. If an unsavory stench is permeating a home, it could indicate a plumbing emergency or obstruction, such as tree roots in the main sewer drain.

Lush Areas of Growth

Unusual growth in the grassy area above the pipes could be a sign that tree roots have infiltrated the pipes. Tree roots will continue to grow in a sewer line, thanks to the available moisture and nutrients. In some cases, extensive pipe damage can even cause sinking spots in the yard.

What Can a Plumber Do for Tree Roots in A Sewer Line?

Once it’s been determined that there is a plumbing issue, it’s important to call a plumber immediately. Plumbers are trained to deal with all plumbing issues, from leaky faucets to more serious issues including tree roots in sewer lines. Plumbers in Great Falls, VA utilize technology to make it easier to determine just how severe the issue is.

Tree roots in plumbing pipes is a common problem, but one that should be dealt with promptly. Once the issue is addressed, it allows homeowners to take the next steps in ensuring all plumbing hardware is in good working order with the help of a plumber.

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