How to Troubleshoot Two Basic Kitchen Sink Plumbing Problems

by | Oct 30, 2019 | Plumbing


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Your kitchen sink is one of the most useful fixtures in your home. When it is experiencing issues, your smoothly flowing kitchen could come to a standstill, or at least experience a noticeable disruption. Detailed below are two common problems with kitchen sink plumbing in Northbrook IL and some remedies that could help solve the issues and avoid the need for plumbing repairs.

Lowered Faucet Pressure

Low water pressure is as frustrating in the kitchen as it is in the shower. You simply don’t get enough force to make things clean when the pressure is below what it should be. Fortunately, the problem is often easy to fix if it’s your aerator that’s the problem. A clogged aerator will compromise your water flow and give you less pressure. To fix, you unscrew the aerator filter from the tap and clean it. If you are still facing a water pressure issue after thoroughly cleaning the aerator, you might need to call in a plumbing professional.

Clogged Sink

Clogged kitchen sink plumbing in Northbrook, Il can have a variety of different causes. If you have a garbage disposal, the clog may be the result of the disposal not working correctly. When safe, turn yours on and off and make sure to pay attention to the sounds it makes. If it sounds distressed or doesn’t make any noise at all, call for professional services. If your garbage disposal is fine, then the clog could be due to a blocked drainage pipe in which case you could attempt to snake it out. Whatever you do, don’t use a drain cleaner to deal with the issue since they are destructive to both the environment and your pipes. Instead, call a business experienced in kitchen sink plumbing near Northbrook, IL.

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