Talk to a Plumber in Ft. Pierce, FL about the Benefits of an Elongated Toilet

by | May 2, 2018 | Plumbers


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If you are remodeling your bathroom and are making a decision about which toilet you want, you may wonder which is better: a round toilet or a toilet with an elongated design. The elongated toilet is larger than its round counterpart and typically measures about 30 inches from the wall. The reach for a round toilet is about 28 inches from the wall.

What Size Is Your Bathroom?

A plumber in Ft. Pierce, FL will probably suggest that you install a round toilet if you are placing the toilet in a small-sized bathroom. This toilet is more conventional and will give you a means to increase your bathroom’s space.

Which Toilet Design Do You Prefer?

If you talk to a plumber, you will find that the major difference between a round and elongated toilet is the size and shape, nothing more. Both of the toilets feature the same trap way and use about the same amount of water. The bases are almost alike as well.

Toilet Preferences

Typically, after discussing the matter with a plumber, you will find that most men prefer an elongated toilet over a round toilet design. Women, in this case, really do not have a preference for one toilet over another. They are more concerned about how the shape and size of the toilet fits in with the bathroom’s design overall.

Where to Look Online for Further Details

If your bathroom is regular sized, you probably will be better off choosing the elongated style. A round toilet is best used in a small bathroom where every space must be optimized. You can find out more information about installing a toilet by contacting a plumbing company such as business name today. Your choice for a design will hinge on your bathroom’s size as well as what you view as a more comfortable toilet in terms of shape and dimensions. You can also connect them on Facebook.