What to Know About a Storage Water Heater in Westchester County

A Water Heater in Westchester County is a major appliance that typically sits unseen in a discrete location heating water until it breaks down or needs maintenance. Protective measures should be applied when operating or handling this device. Doing this will help protect the safety of the person working on the water heater and any bystanders. The following safety guidelines can be implemented to improve the way a water heater is incorporated into a home’s environment.

It’s essential for a homeowner to learn the basic components of his Water Heater in Westchester County. A typical residential storage water heater will hold approximately 35 to 55 gallons of water. A water heater also has a dip tube, pipe, thermostat, drain valve, and temperature release valve. A homeowner should thoroughly read and understand the user’s manual that accompanies his unit.

To keep the temperature release valve functional, it’s advisable to check the valve by pulling up on the handle. The water should flow unhindered by doing this action. The flow of water should stop when the handle is released. It’s prudent to rinse the drain valve at least yearly. Particulates can cause a blockage that prevents water from draining properly. Visit here to learn more.

To prevent accidental scalding, it’s preferable to keep the water tank’s temperature at 130 degrees. A homeowner can test this by using a thermometer to test the tap water. There is a slight risk of catching Legionella bacteria from inhaling mist from the shower if the water is below 120 degrees. Temperatures over 130 degrees increase the risks for accidental scalding. A homeowner can lower the temperature setting on his water tank when he is going to be away for a while to save on energy costs. This will also help reduce a build-up of sediment in the water tank.

Learning about the basic parts of a water heater and knowing how use a water heater safely will enable household occupants to be protected from unforeseen incidents. For more information on water heater services, a person can talk to an expert at Cassidy Plumbing in Westchester County. This business can handle many plumbing services for enhanced customer satisfaction.

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