Why Homeowners Need Professionals to Replace Old Water Heaters

The verdict is clear: the old water heater has to go. While some homeowners may feel that this is the time to head to a home supply store and start looking at new water heaters in Conyers, there’s also the need to consider who will handle the installation. That should be a professional. Here are some of the reasons why this is a must.

One has to do with protecting the warranty on that new water heater. Unless someone with the proper certification does the job, some parts of the warranty may not remain in effect. While the hope is that you never need the warranty, it’s nice to know a covered event would mean you get the full benefit.

There’s also the matter of complying with local standards. Not every homeowner knows that the area around the heater has to be ventilated, or that there must be a certain amount of clearance if the heater is enclosed in some type of cabinetry. Compliance now is better than finding that everything has to be redone later.

Last, there’s the fact that you don’t know that much about water heaters in Conyers. Hiring a professional means finding out what capacity the heater should be, how to pick one with a higher energy rating, and even learning about alternatives like tankless water heaters. What you learn could lead to being more satisfied with the purchase.

If the water heater is not long for this world, call a professional today. It won’t take long to find the right replacement, set up an installation date, and ensure that everything is working properly.

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