Call the Local Plumber in Glenview For An Inspection of Your Plumbing

by | Jul 9, 2014 | Plumbers


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If you have an older home, then you should probably make friends with the Local Plumber in Glenview. So many plumbing problems may exist or may be getting ready to erupt. There is no need to wait to find out if your sewer line is ready to back up into the house, or a silent water leak is occurring in the walls.

Sewer lines can be a real nasty problem if they are made out of cast iron because this material rusts and breaks up forming a clog of its own, or the cracks allow tree roots to enter and form a nasty clog. Both of these conditions can cause a sewer to backup. You may not have a tree in your yard, but tree roots can travel over 100 feet to get to water in the sewer line.

An experienced plumber can run a mini-cam down into the drain line and send back clear pictures of the line. If there is a problem forming, then the plumber can use a hydro-jet water system at 3200 psi to break up the clog and also clean the sides of the line. If the pipe is broken, then it can be repaired by a trenchless repair method which does not require tearing up the yard.

The Local Plumber in Glenview can do re-piping to replace corroded piping. The plumber can also examine your walls where water pipes are located to see if any pipes are leaking. This is a good service to have because a leaking pipe will eventually destroy the wall and cause black mold to grow which is a serious health hazard.

Other services are provided. Installing an instant hot water system is something you would enjoy on the cold Chicago mornings. Installing faucets and shower heads that conserve water are environmental contributions. New gas or electric hot water heaters are available.

Two services provided are essential for every home. One is an annual check-up program and the other is a maintenance program. The annual check-up program will spot problems or issues which are about to become problems. The maintenance program can be tailored to your needs, but you can feel safe knowing you have this in place.