Ensure Your Sewer Flows Freely With Sewer Cleaning in San Diego

by | Jul 9, 2014 | Plumbing


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One of the worst problems a homeowner faces is a sewage backup. This disaster can leave a nasty mess that is difficult to clean up and the repair is often impossible for them to make. It usually requires specific tools like a video snake to examine the problem and a rooter system to remove the clog. Once the clog has been pushed out of the way the real repair will begin. In many cases the plumber may never actually suggest this, but most sewage problems can be eliminated by Sewer Cleaning in San Diego.

Sewer pipes are the main lines that run from the home to the municipal sewage pipes or a septic system. They are a low pressure line which makes it easy for the sludge to build up in the pipes. This sludge is often what causes sewage failure because it can snag any large waste that is trying to flow through the pipes. Sewage cleaning eliminates the problem by cleaning this sludge out of the pipes and flushing it into the sewage system or septic tank.

The process involves accessing the pipes through the external access port or digging them up and using the connection to the home. The pipes are then washed with a high pressure washer much like the ones used in self-serve car washes. The high pressure spray removes the debris from the pipes so it can be pulled away with the rest of the sewage. It may take more than a single pass to eliminate the crud in your pipes and this may depend on how old the pipes are.

Another important step in Sewer Cleaning in San Diego is to inspect the final process. This is normally done with a video system attached to a flexible cable, often called a video snake. The purpose of the inspection is to ensure the pipes are clean and that no damage has occurred to the sewer lines. The latter is important to ensure your pipes don’t slowly leak sewage into the yard and are able to drain properly. You can learn more about sewer line cleaning by contacting Workright Plumbing.