Does copper plumbing have advantages?

by | Oct 15, 2019 | Plumbing


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When a comparison is made between the various pipes that can be used for plumbing, copper has shown to have a number of advantages over galvanized steel pipe or PVC piping. Plumbers in Orange County can work with all pipes but they do prefer copper as they find it to be very durable, easy to install, flexible, and resistant to weather and bacterial growth. For decades, home owners and developers have favoured copper piping over anything else because it has shown that it is inexpensive, good value and dependable. Homes with copper piping hold their value and in many cases actually increase the resale value of the house.

As copper is a very soft metal it has inherent advantages when use in plumbing in Orange County. As many plumbing runs can take awkward shapes, rather than attempt to negotiate all the twists and turns with rigid pipe and fittings, it is easy to simply bend the copper pipe as needed. This pipe is not annealed and is very malleable; there are other copper pipes which are used for long, straight runs which have been annealed for toughness. Another significant advantage for the plumbers in Orange County is the thin walls which result in smaller diameter pipes, thus getting the pipes through narrow spaces in walls and floors is considerably easier.

Copper pipes deliver a clean, safe supply of potable water. The material contains no lead so the health hazards are eliminated, this cannot be said for galvanized pipes. When the incoming water to the home or building has a pH between 6.5 and 8.5 the piping will last virtually forever. There are times however when water which is sourced from a well may fall outside the optimum pH levels and the acidity may make its use impractical.

In the event of a fire, copper pipe does not emit any toxic fumes such as those emitted when PVC is subjected to flames. The copper pipe will rarely be affected if it is exposed to fire, however it can be problematic if it is not protected from freezing; it can burst easily, especially at the joints. One final plus point for copper is the ease of which it can be repaired. The fittings are all universal and cutting out a section that has failed and replacing it is something plumbers in Orange County can accomplish very quickly.

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