The Various Methods Involved in Sewer And Drain Line Replacement in Riverside CA

by | Oct 18, 2019 | Plumbing


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Older homes were traditionally built with a clay sewer pipe running from the home to the main city line. Any damage to the pipe is the responsibility of the homeowner and, unfortunately, the clay can easily break or clog if tree roots are nearby or extreme pressure is put on them. Some homeowners opt to fix the broken section themselves, but a much more efficient and cost-effective route to take involves employing experts in Sewer And Drain Line Replacement in Riverside CA to remove the old clay pipe and replace it with a much stronger PVC version.

Minimize the Risk of Additional Problems

Replacing a damaged sewer line is a project that any well-versed DIY homeowner can attempt, but creates a lot of time-consuming, physical work and a significant risk of damaging other utility pipelines. When companies like First Choice Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning are hired, they will make sure to have all gas, water, and telecommunications lines clearly marked ahead of time, bring heavy-duty digging equipment that can efficiently dig a trench deep and wide enough to comfortably work in, and know exactly what materials and tools to use to position a new line with the fewest angles. All of these factors make for a fast turnaround on the project and create a smooth sewer line that has far less chance of clogging in the future.

It’s Not Always a Horrible Clog

Not all instances of a sewer line clogs are severe enough to warrant a line replacement since it could just be a small patch of roots or buildup of flushable materials that need to be cut up and flushed along by using a mechanical auger. Although these machines can be rented, they aren’t as powerful or have the variety of blades that a plumbing company can provide. By contacting the professionals, a homeowner will be guaranteed that their sewer pipe will be opened back up with any further damage occurring to its structural integrity.

Forcefully Spray Problems Away

The least-invasive method of cleaning a sewer line involves using pressurized water to blast away accumulated materials. If the problem doesn’t require an auger or Sewer And Drain Line Replacement in Riverside CA, plumbers can hydro-jet the pipe to force the materials into the main sewer. This swift and efficient method will have a sewer line flowing again with minimal inconvenience to the homeowner.