Keep Your Hot Water Flowing With the Best Plumbing in Riverside

by | Mar 25, 2014 | Plumbing


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Plumbing problems are always difficult, but some concerns can be worse than others. For example, when the water heater fails. Replacing a water heater can be a tough challenge if you aren’t an experienced plumber. The piping could be done with PVC, copper or even galvanized pipe depending on the age of the home. Even removing the tank can be difficult if it is located in an attic or other hard to reach location. However, the most difficult problem with many water heater repairs is deciding if the repairs are worth the effort.

There are two basic types of tank based water heaters. At one point, natural gas was the only option, but eventually electric based water heaters became a popular choice because they helped the builder to create all electric homes. When the hot water fails, your Plumbing in Riverside specialist will need to test the tank to determine why. With electric tanks it is usually a failed heating element. This element sits inside the water tank and cycles on and off as the water needs heating. This constant cycling will eventually cause the element to fail, usually with a break in the element itself.

Gas based water heaters typically fail when the fuel supply or automatic pilot light quits working properly. Hot water tanks are thermostat based and that thermostat causes the gas supply to cycle on and off. If this system fails then the gas may not flow to the burner. Another problem that people have with water tanks is the tank beginning to leak. A leaky hot water system can quickly flood the area it’s installed in. This is also why an occasional quick inspection of the hot water system is very important.

If you are looking for alternatives to the tank based water heater you may wish to consider an inline or flash water heating system. Inline plumbing works by heating the water when you demand. Plus, an inline water heater can be placed anywhere you need instant hot water and can even be a supplement to your current hot water tank. If you find yourself in need of a new hot water system or any type of Plumbing in Riverside be sure to contact an expert like Best Plumbing Services.