Naperville Sump Pumps: Leave It To The Experts

In Naperville, sump pumps are a common device to have, but a sump pump can quickly turn into a liability if it is not installed properly. Your sump pump is considered by many to be the first line of defense against basement flooding.

Like all mechanical devices, a sump pump is capable of malfunctioning and this usually happens when it is not properly installed or not installed in accordance with the requirements of the owner. Here are a few reasons why this could happen and how you can prevent further damage to your sump pump.

Overworked sump pumps: Take stock of the size of the basement and see if a single sump pump is adequate. Perhaps you need more than one sump pump, or you simply need a more powerful sump pump for your home. If this is the case, immediately upgrade your sump pump and consider adding a battery backup.

Ineffective drain tile: Another reason why your pump might not be working is that it was not properly installed, which means that your sump pump was installed without linking it to the drainage system.

Remember, a sump pump will only perform if there is an internal or external drain tile, which runs along the inside of the basement. If the drain tile is clogged, disconnected or nonexistent, even the best sump pump in the world will not keep your basement dry.

Choked sump pumps and switches: Make sure your sump pump has a lid and that it is installed securely, so it can not fill up with dirt and debris, which eventually choke the sump pump and make it ineffective.

This kind of clogging or choking of a sump pump is also causes the “float switch” is not uncommon in Naperville. The clogging of switches or their becoming jammed or tangled in the system adversely affects the performance of sump pumps and they will either stop working completely or get stuck and keep on running continuously and eventually the motor will burn out.

This is why it is always advisable to install a sump pump with a sump container with a tight lid on it which will prevent dirt or debris from falling into it and affecting its performance. This will also help insure the safety or small children and pets from falling into the pit. A lid will also reduce evaporation. This kind of Naperville sump pump also has a pedestal attached which keeps the pump from coming into contact with the container, in which silt accumulates.

To get the best deal and the most satisfactory installation of your Naperville sump pump call Jim Dhamer Plumbing & Sewer, Inc., your local plumbers, who have been successfully serving the people of DuPage County for the last 37 years.

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