Rooters in St. Paul, MN Give Humans an Edge Over Trees!

Trees are often the biggest threat to mankind, as evidenced in the 2008 movie, The Happening.

In this movie, trees and other plant-life felt threatened by humans polluting the Earth. A pollen-like substance is emitted into the air that affects the humans with disastrous effects. Of course, this movie is a work of fiction.

However, on a daily basis, trees really do wage war with humans, but for less insidious reasons. Trees want a source of water so they can grow, therefore seeking it out within the ground. Tree roots meet pipes and tree roots win. Enter the one piece of hardware that was a game-changer for plumbers the world over: the rooter in St. Paul, MN.

Plumbers in St. Paul, MN – and nationwide – are now on the offensive against trees, with the ability to snip, clip, and chop those pesky roots creeping into the water lines.

What is a “Rooter?”

A rooter in St. Paul, MN is any plumbing device with the capability of cutting roots in water drainage lines. Since tree roots are a threat to water lines, they must be eliminated in order to repair the damaged pipes.

Every certified plumber should carry a rooter in his possession to deal with tree root situations underground. The number one offender: Weeping Willows. These trees love to sap the ground of water, aggressively pilfering the soil until the roots intertwine with pipes that carry the precious resource in St. Paul, MN.

Rooters are only a Tool

In the grand scheme of things, rooters are only but a tool for plumbers in the war against drainage problems. Ultimately, the plumber has to have an adequate knowledge-base to solve the plumbing problems faced by everyday people.

Water leaks, clogged drains, and that constant dripping coming from the bathroom sink are all typical issues that are faced by homeowners in St. Paul, MN. They may seem simple fixes for a handyman, yet a daunting task for someone that just hasn’t had time to learn about home repairs and maintenance.

A Quality Plumber is Trusted

A great plumber will not overcharge for simple fixes, because they know that it is more important to build up a trust with a client over the long haul, instead of price gouging for one routine call. That is not a way to get repeat business.

Quality plumbers take every house call seriously, and will not take advantage of uninformed people.

Drain King, Inc. is a professional sewer and drain cleaning company serving the Twin cities and surrounding areas.

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