The Importance of Leak Detection in Murrieta

by | Jul 24, 2013 | Plumbing


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A water leak in a home or a business is a matter of great concern. Water has the potential to cause great damage. It destroys carpet and floors, drywall and furniture. It encourages fungi and mold and mildew and shorts out electrical systems. When pipes inside walls develop water leaks, whole walls and ceilings are destroyed, and often the damage is done before the homeowner ever discovers it. If your home is on public water, then the stakes are even greater because water leaks quickly lead to extremely high water bills. Even a hint of moisture in an unlikely location is enough reason to call a leak detection Murrieta plumbing specialist. A local plumber Murrieta has the knowledge necessary to trace a leak to its source and then to repair it. This is of particular value in those cases when all the home owner is able to see is water, but without an obvious source from which it is flowing.

Water leaks generally occur in fairly predictable places, but they can nonetheless be difficult for a homeowner to diagnose, for all they often see is water. It takes a leak detection Murrieta plumbing specialist in cases where there is water everywhere, but without a discernible leak, to find and fix the leak’s source. Hot water tanks, faulty or worn out plumbing pipes, toilets, meter lines, faucets, shower heads or broken outdoor garden faucets are common culprits. A plumber is trained to find the source of these types of leaks.

Homeowners should not assume that simply because a shower head or faucet is merely dripping that the problem isn’t serious. A faucet that drips a only 10 drips a minute will waste as much as 500 gallons a year. Toilets that run constantly can waste as much as 200 gallons of water per day. This kind of waste adds up over time to a costly amount. Other outdoor sources of leaks include irrigation systems, water hoses and swimming pools. Whole house humidifiers and evaporator cooler leaks can also account for significant water losses.

Detecting, locating and repairing the cause of water leaks in the home before they cause harm to the structure, not to mention its contents, is essential in order to prevent damage costs and inconvenience. The sooner you call a local plumber Murrieta, trained in leak detection, the less money you will lose to damages and repairs.